• Pear & Bronze

    This dining set is a luscious combination of rich materials and decorative elements. The Swiss pear table has a tessellated (tiled) surface and a cast silicon bronze pedestal. The chairs are pear with calf leather upholstery. The shape and stance of the chair and the table base are animal forms, at rest and balanced but with a feeling of immense strength ready to spring.

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    The top is a tessellation of a type of irregular pentagon that creates a sense of skin or hide rather than a floral growth from a centerpoint. This is in support of the more animal direction of the piece.

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    The Swiss Pear veneer is handsawn from planks and then cut into parquet tiles. Many slightly different boards were used to create an organic sensibility of movement and life in this delicately varied surface.

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    Much like a shin, the interplay of the sensual curves and the sharp edges give rise to a sense of skin and bone in the chair legs. Even the the calf-leather upholstered seat displays a form of a 'spur'.