• Konrad Chair

    Much like a shin, the interplay of the sensual curves and the sharp edges give rise to a sense of skin and bone in the chair legs. Even the the calf-leather upholstered seat displays a form of a 'spur'. The back of the chair is a slightly tapered curved panel that appears to be growing of melted into the rear legs.

  • 1aaron_levine_contemporary_modern_studio_furniture_maker_woodworker_art_artist_northwest_pear_upholstered_seat_calf_leather_sculpted_side_chair_dining_detail2.jpg

    Detail of front stance of the chair. Calf Leather due to its extreme suppleness was needed to be able to upholster over the 'spurs'.

  • 1aaron_levine_contemporary_modern_studio_furniture_maker_woodworker_art_artist_northwest_pear_upholstered_seat_calf_leather_sculpted_side_chair_dining_detail3.jpg

    A green fabric version of the upholstered seat.