• Entry Table

    This decorative table with Gazelle-like proportions combines Bloodwood and Lacewood. The two woods blend into each other on the surface and wrap around the edges much like the fur of an animal.

  • 1aaron_levine_contemporary_modern_studio_furniture_maker_wood_woodworker_art_artist_northwest_parquetry_tessellation_entry_table_decorative_lacewood_bloodwood_detail3.jpg

    In this end view of this piece, it almost disappears much like a flat fish when it turns and swims away.

  • 1aaron_levine_contemporary_modern_studio_furniture_maker_wood_woodworker_art_artist_northwest_parquetry_tessellation_entry_table_decorative_lacewood_pear_detail2.jpg

    A very subtle blend of Swiss Pear and Lacewood, two woods that have very similar tones but radically different grain and patterning.